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Your Rental Queue

Your Rental Queue is the list of movies you've selected to rent. When you've finished watching one of the DVDs you have out, send it back and we'll automatically ship the next available title from your Rental Queue. Want to have more DVDs at home?

DVDs You Have Out
  Movie Title   Genre   Star Rating Shipped Estimated
Arrival Date
  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea   Classics   06/30/03 07/02/03
  Spirited Away   Children & Family   06/25/03 06/27/03
  Titanic   Drama   06/25/03 06/27/03
  Evelyn   Drama   06/23/03 06/25/03
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DVDs in Your Queue
 Priority Movie Title   Genre   Star Rating Availability Remove
  Comedy   Now
  To Kill a Mockingbird
  Drama   Now
  The Emperor's Club
  Drama   Now
  Documentary   Now
  Catch Me If You Can
  Drama   Now
  The Recruit
  Thrillers   Now
  The Black Hole
  Sci-Fi & Fantasy   Now
  Drama   Now
  Ring of Fire: IMAX
  Documentary   Now
  The Experiment
  Foreign   Releases on DVD Jul 01, 2003
  Dark Blue
  Drama   Now
  Uncle Saddam
  Documentary   Now
  Phone Booth
  Thrillers   Releases on DVD Jul 08, 2003

DVDs Awaiting Release
  Movie Title   Genre   Star Rating Release Remove
  Solaris   Sci-Fi & Fantasy   Jul 2003
  The Core   Sci-Fi & Fantasy   Unknown

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